IntelleSeal - intelligent and reusable electronic seals with RFID.

If you want to be able to track and trace your goods along the entire supply chain and prevent loss and fraud, CaptureTech has developed a series of electronic seals that enables you to do exactly that.

You can see at a glance whether the IntelleSeal has been opened or closed. But the seals also include options such as a complete report — or ‘audit trail’— that shows you whether and when the seal was opened or closed. In addition, numerous useful options have been added, such as an electronic signature that you can use to significantly speed up your logistical (receipt) process.






For outside use − for example, on the cargo door of a truck − CaptureTech developed the IntelleSeal T1 and the IntelleSeal T2. The seals are durable, electronic and intelligent, and they make optimum use of the latest RFID technology.